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1 September 2008

Daniel J. Bishop on the Web

Hello.  I’m glad you found my website.  Happy to make your acquaintance.


My name is Daniel J. Bishop, and I am a published author and illustrator.  I work primarily in the fantasy, science fiction, and dark fantasy genres, although I have done poetry, review work, and essays. 


This site is primarily intended as a showcase of previously published works, and to direct interested readers to upcoming publications.


In addition, this website will contain some hitherto unpublished material, as well as  material related to my interest in role-playing games (rpgs) and Doctor Who.  As some of you may know, I am Raven Crowking on a number of message boards, including EN World, Circvs Maximvs, and Dragon Roots


If you are interested in Basic Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons, you should be able to find something of interest here, especially as the site grows.  However, I have no interest at all in 4th Edition D&D.  I will be publishing a free OGL game in the future on this site.

If you are a publisher or agent looking for content, and what you see is at all interesting, please feel free to contact me at “daniel@danieljbishop.ca”.  I am always interested in feedback from readers as well, so even if you only want to say “Hi”

I would appreciate hearing from you!

Read Balmorphos and

Campaign Considerations of Mountainous Areas 

in Issue #3 of Dragon Roots!



Images of a few places that my writing

and/or art have appeared in the past!


Where possible, I have included hyperlinks in these images.  If you read something herein, and enjoy it, please make sure to let the editors know!  If you are looking for interesting reads, these are good places to begin.  Editors invest in the stories they buy, and (like anyone else) they like to hear that their investments generated interest!



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